Changing the Game at SXSW

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Recently returned from a week living on a bus in Austin!

Well, I took interludes for sleep elsewhere, but otherwise most my time at SXSW 2012 was spent on the CanWeNetwork’s cool, tricked out double-decker bus as it cruised around the streets of Austin.


My goal when I left my job as a magazine editor was to mix things up with fun, creative projects that I enjoy and challenge me and this one certainly fit the bill.

I was part of a team that helped with programming, sponsorships and press for the CanWeNetwork’s first ‘stunt’ to spread the word about a pair of mobile apps they’ll be launching soon designed to identify and connect users with high-valued, authenticated opportunities and introductions and feel privileged to have been part of the dynamic group. Together, we exceeded even our own expectations.

With little time to prepare, we made a splash in Austin in a big way.

Cisco Adler performed on the bus as we took cast from Sunset Strip The Movie to the red carpet of their SXSW premiere (keep up on where you can catch this film documenting 100 years of history of The Sunset Strip, with cameos from the likes of Johnny Depp, Courtney Love, Keanu Reeves and Tommy Lee here).

CWN Sunset Strip1

We served as the setting for Balthazar Getty and KO aka The Totally Wow, to film a music video – while Chris Masterson manned the turntables:


Balthazar, who many of us last saw on Brothers & Sisters, told me, “With acting you have to wait for people to hire you, with music you can manifest your own destiny.” He also told me he writes many of the raps! Check out more about the act here.

Oh, and he also wanted to see what it was like navigating the big bus:

CWNBalthazar driveing bus

Kevin Smith’s preferred mode of transportation since the infamous incident on a Southwest Airlines flight last year is by bus and we happily drove Jay and Kevin Smith (aka Jay and Silent Bob) to an event.

Kevin and Jay on CWN

We ran into DJ Spider, one of my favorites, and convinced him to stay a few extra days to join Chris Masterson as a resident DJ, we hosted a listening party for Timbaland and his crew of more than a dozen, we took the bus by the Doritos Jacked Maxim Party and took a short break to watch Snoop Dogg perform – and enjoy things like mini sliders stuffed with Doritos!


And probably the most fun, besides bonding with the brilliant minds behind the CanWeNetwork and the amazing team they put together, were the smiles the party bus elicited from all of the people we passed by and the several thousands we got literally dancing in the streets.

We let the good times roll and had so much fun, we’re not done! By Day 2 it was decided to take the show on the road, so follow @canwenetwork to see when the bus may be coming through a city near you!


*Special thanks to Fiji Water and Body Armor for keeping thousands of festival-goers in Austin hydrated as we seeded your beverages through the streets, Shiner for quenching our thirst for a great can of beer, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Austin for waking us up in the morning, Baked by Melissa Cupcakes for making us look forward to waking up in the morning and Popcorn, Indiana for satiating our taste for salty and sweet with ginormous bags of Popcorn, Indiana!

And more photos…


Can you spot Matthew Lillard?

Can you spot Matthew Lillard?


* All photos courtesy of photographer du jour Dalton Campbell – who went to great heights for the perfect photo!

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  1. Todd Cooper Says:

    This is great recap Jen! What a week it was. #SXSW blew me away. Thanks for helping make that #canwenetwork bus rock!

  2. simplyjen Says:

    Thanks Todd 😉

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