Great Weather for a Bike Ride

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When I moved from NYC to LA four years ago, it had been nearly seven years since I’d drove a car more than about a mile to the store when visiting my parents.

So, whether it was my nervousness about getting back behind the wheel, the problem one always encounters parking in LA or the simply the New Yorker in me that likes to walk, I continued to walk more places than most do in LA.

One day a friend of mine caught me and later said, “Jen, we don’t walk in LA.”

A day later, walking to her house, I passed the Paul Frank store and there it was, gleaming in the window, a beautiful hot pink and black beach cruiser. I bought it right out of the window. I walked it to the gas station on the corner to put air in the deflated tires (something that couldn’t be done before purchase since I bought it in a boutique that was otherwise a clothing store) – and as I was filling the tire with air, it popped.

I dragged my injured bike back to the shop and they replaced the tire with the one other bike they had and I was on my way.

I rode my bike around the neighborhood a bit over the next few weeks and then lost the thrill to ride a bit. The next time I went to take the bike out was a few months later and it had two very flat tires. It seems the tires on my beloved bike are defective and since I can’t throw it in the non-existent back of my 2-seater convertible, it has since reverted to being a rather large piece of decoration in my makeshift library/dining room.

Today, as summer has begun to creep into LA and I picked up some new summer clothes (like the new Johnny Was top in the picture above) I thought, ‘It would be a nice day for a bike ride.’

Sadly, rather than ride around in the sunshine, I can only sit on it in my pretty summer clothes and pretend.

The lesson I’m imparting here: Don’t buy a bike in a clothing shop.

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