Biking in Bali: Part 1

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A few people, including my lovely friends Susie Castillo and Matt Leslie (who I missed in Bali by a single day!) recommended the Bali Eco and Educational Cycling Tour. Hungry for some exercise and a glimpse inside the real culture of Bali, I didn’t hesitate to sign up.

The tour prides itself on taking riders inside ‘the real rural Bali,’ and it definitely delivered.

They pick everyone up from their hotels (this takes a minute) and drive about an hour to Kintamani.where there’s a buffet breakfast of chocolate and banana pancakes (more like crepes, but delicious) waiting for us at a restaurant with views overlooking active volcano Mt. Batur. Unfortunately, the day we went it was so cloudy I felt like I was back at Machu Picchu, in the cloud layer with zero visibility.


After a few minutes trying to peak between the crowds for crater views, we got back in the van to check out some crops indigenous to Bali and taste some coffee.

In Bali, more than half the locals have scooters instead of cars – and have no problem piling a family of four onto one tiny scooter. Check out this photo while we were stopped at an intersection – this is how it looks all over the streets!


And, there didn’t seem to be much in the way of traffic laws – when our driver deemed the Polisi in front of us going to slow, he honked his horn aggressively and nearly ran them off the road until they allowed us to pass!


Cows just hang out on the side of the road

Cows just hang out on the side of the road

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