Drinking Poop Coffee in Bali – Literally!

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Remember “The Bucket List” where Morgan Freeman has Jack Nicholson read a description of poop coffee, which is on his list of things to try before he dies?

If not, here’s a refresher:

Following breakfast, preceding hopping on bikes, we stopped at a plantation to see and sample some crops grown in the region. We tasted a variety of fruits, saw pepper and clove, sniffed vanilla on the vine and saw coffee trees…We also sampled some coffee not completely made on trees – Luwak coffee, the most expensive coffee in the world and only found in Bali. Or, otherwise known as ‘poop coffee.’

As the name suggests, the coffee is a derivative of the feces of a Luwak, an animal that looked to me like an over-sized rodent.

Screen Shot 2012-06-02 at 9.32.19 PMScreen Shot 2012-06-02 at 9.32.39 PM

It was explained to us that Luwaks eat only the finest cherry coffee beans. After they eat the beans, they’re shitted out whole and the mix of the bean and the animal’s digestive juices, once roasted, creates a flavor and aroma that’s become a delicacy.


I first scoffed at trying the coffee, which wasn’t included in our tasting tray of Arabic coffee, Ginseng coffee, some other coffee, ginger tea and hot chocolate, but available for $6/cup. But, being a coffee connessiuer and feeling like I should take advantage of something I could really only do where I was, I figure I may as well try. And, if it was good enough for Morgan Freeman’s bucket list, even fictitiously.


And the Luwak coffee:



The conclusion: A little chalky, but it was actually robust and pretty good, definitely the best of the three we were given to try!

When I saw small bags available at the airport (that even had a Lewak and a photo of its feces on the front, next to a steaming hot cup of coffee) I was going to buy a few for friends – but the $30 price tag for a small pouch dissuaded me. They weren’t kidding about being the world’s most expensive coffee!

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