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I only had five days in Bali and wanted to take advantage of being there as much as I could, knowing that I may not make it back to the other side of the world anytime soon, if ever, while still honoring my promise to myself to justify the trip by working/writing while I was there. So, after a day doing yoga in Ubud and biking through villages the next, I hopped on a ferry to nearby Lembongan Island

On the ferry, feeling close to home (in a Nicole Young dress) reading my friend Amy Spencer's book "Bright Side Up."

On the ferry, feeling close to home (in a Nicole Young dress) reading my friend Amy Spencer's book "Bright Side Up."

then got in the back of a truck and headed to Dream Beach.

In the back of a pick-up truck...

In the back of a pick-up truck...


This guy kept guard over the beach

This guy kept guard over the beach

I intended to spend the morning surfing and the afternoon writing, but once I got to Dream Beach I was told the surf school was another ride away and I didn’t have too much time. I went down to the beach to check out the waves since, a mediocre surfer at best, I wanted to see if they’d make for a fun surf for me or I’d get thrashed as I did in the white water at Bondi Beach. When I was in the water all of five minutes and a boulder-size rock smashed into my ankle, immediately breaking a line of blood vessels when I was only a few feet in, I had my answer.


Instead, I went back up to the beach’s one hotel/restaurant and spent an hour chatting with a couple from Holland I’d met on the boat. They asked me what Americans thought of Europe and I’d told them most Americans don’t even possess passports, but for those who do, the first place they want to visit is most often Europe. Americans love the royals and have wistful views of London, images of grandeur and romance in Paris, want to eat their way through Italy and go to Amsterdam, Holland to, well…

They then told me that most natives of Holland don’t even smoke pot after the thrill wears off in their teens, despite it being legal. When I asked what Europeans thought of America, I wasn’t surprised when they said it was about 50/50. They said everyone they knew loved it or hated it, there wasn’t a middle ground. They loved it, saying they thought Americans, especially New Yorkers, were the friendliest people they’ve ever met and that ‘Unlike Holland, people just say hello to strangers on the street.” Nice perspective.

When they went down to the beach, joining the less than half a dozen other beachgoers, I stayed at the tables, ordered chicken shish kabobs for lunch, a glass of white wine, because I was technically ‘on vacation’ and, after at first being disappointed by the lack of internet, used the time to actually successfully get some writing done before the last boat back that afternoon.


Hard at work 😉

And enjoyed the beach, scenery and sunshine:



Happy I got some work done during the day, I took the night off and joined Lauren and Evette, a couple of cool girls from Australia I met on the bike tour the day before, for a delicious dinner and decadent cocktails (see my Lychee Rose and Espresso Martinis) at Ku de Ta, a must-see beach club/bar/restaurant back in Semniyak.


It was interesting to hear the about the American shows they were hooked on – The Kardashians, my friends Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck on the Spin Crowd and The Real Housewives – and how much we had in common even though they lived thousands of miles and continents away.Screen Shot 2012-06-07 at 3.47.04 PM

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