A Letter from Your Future Self

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Each week I come up with a topic that I’ll riff on/give one, usually positive perspective on for Tonic while a writer at Rain Wilson’s Soulpancake will write an often more cynical or opposite point of view on the same subject Other times, we agree.

This week being Father’s Day I thought it would be fun to do an exercise asking, “If you could have given your dad a letter from your older (current) self on the day you were born, what would it have said?”

Would you have told him not to worry so much? Not to be so hard on you? To let you take more risks? Not let you play football? Be nicer to your mom? Work less?

Mine would go something like…

dad and us

Dear Dad-

I know you’re freaking out about becoming a father for the first time, but stop pacing, sit down and relax.

I’ll be born healthy, get sick for a minute, but I’ll get better.

Yes, mom will lose the 80lbs she gained with me and be a slim size 2 again – she got a bit crazy with the walks with weights and jazzercise in the 80s.

But, you should follow her lead and maybe exercise a little more – it could add years to your life.

The occasional golf game doesn’t count.

Maybe the studies haven’t come out yet, but smoking cigarettes is bad. So, stop. Now. You don’t want to send your kid to school with clothes that smell like a cigarette anyway.

I think this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you all the things you could have done differently, but all I can think of is all that you did right.

Thank you for our excursions with homeless families around the holidays and teaching me kindness and generosity by example.

Thank you for the dog you’ll get me for my 9th birthday…And the pink doghouse you’ll build for me to sleep outside with her.

Thank you for encouraging me to try anything once, and passionately follow my dreams wherever they may take me-

After getting a college education.

Thank you for instilling in me a love for news, travel and adventure

Thank you for always being supportive, smiling and there to listen.

Stop pacing, sit down and relax – because as far as your pending fatherhood goes, you’re going to do nearly everything right….And you’re going to really enjoy it.


Your soon-to-be born daughter Jennifer.

It doesn’t have to be father’s day to partake in this activity. What would your letter say?

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