Old Shenanigans at New Spider-Man

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The Amazing Spider-Man swoops its way into theaters nationwide tomorrow.

Thankfully, I got a sneak peak last week when I was invited to the premiere by the Worldwide Orphans Foundation!

Odd fit? I would have thought so too, until the foundation’s founder Dr. Jane Aronson explained first, that most superheroes are actually orphans (good point) and then shared that Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield recently became an ambassador with the foundation after traveling with Dr. Jane to visit kids they help in Ethiopia and Haiti

Check out this video of Andrew and Dr. Jane:

After a little cocktail party at the nearby W Westwood, my date for the evening, my friend from high school (writer, actor, director and athlete Corey Weber), and I jumped in his car to drive the few blocks to the theater. Disoriented by ridiculous traffic and throngs of autograph seekers who lined up for blocks, we decided to try a shortcut, pulled into an alley behind an In ‘N Out Burger and asked if we could park the car there. We saw a little gate next to where we parked, walked through it – and we were in the space reserved for the Spider-Man afterparty! We walked a bit further – and found ourselves smack in the middle of the red carpet, just as Emma Stone was walking up for her interview with E!

Screen Shot 2012-07-02 at 9.48.04 PM

Screen Shot 2012-07-02 at 9.48.18 PM

I’ve done probably in the neighborhood of 100 or more red carpets in my day working at the weekly magazines, but who knew that it would be so simple to just walk on to one of the biggest red carpets I’ve seen in a long time– without anyone even knowing (or questioning) if we were actually even in possession of tickets to the event!

It goes back to Rule #1 from when I used to sneak into events during my days as a celebrity event reporter: “Act like you belong.”

And, catching up with Corey that night reminded me of another one of my ‘rules,’ to remember ‘Anything is possible if you believe you can do it.’ Corey, who was captain of the football at our high school, more years ago than I care to share, is currently making a documentary following his training as he tries to become the oldest rookie ever drafted to the NFL – he even got to talk about it with Tim Tebow recently!

Will keep you posted on the status of his success – in the meantime, I suggest spending a few hours catching the latest incarnation of Spider-Man, where Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Denis Leary all deliver strong performances.

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