I’m a Hi-Baller

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Yes, it’s true.

It all began a few years ago when Hi-Ball made me one of the most popular people in the New York office of OK! Magazine.

Launching a weekly entertainment magazine we all worked long hours, often staring bleary-eyed at computer screens or around a conference table talking over each other in meetings. Then one day I had a delivery – a massive box that needed a trolley to be wheeled in – a mini refrigerator full of little glass bottles of Hi-Ball Sparkling Energy Water.

That was then...

That was then...

Until the refrigerator was eventually confiscated by the CFO, who told me it was taken away because a personal refrigerator (that was restocked with a Hi-Ball delivery weekly) was not permitted at my desk or in the communal kitchen, the Hi-Ball brought a bit of sparkle to our energy levels. Then it was gone.

Incidentally, I found the refrigerator a few months later – in the CFOs office! I mean, the length the man went to for his Hi-Ball fix. I was open to sharing. Apparently he was not.

Cut to several years later. I work from a home office and my energy levels generally maintain a natural high (so much so that I’ve become a runner to run off extra energy!) But, one week, my best friend picked up on the fact that I was particularly sluggish.

Worried at my repeated complaints of fatigue, she showed up at my house with a box packed with the new and improved Hi-Ball!

...And this is now.

...And this is now.

Now in more accident-proof cans with dots that change colors to let you know when they’re the ideal temperature to drink, Hi-Ball served up the same sweet energy fix I needed – and it’s All Natural! It’s packed with gaurana, genseng and caffeine, but no calories, sugar or carbs – and in flavors from citrusy Lemon Lime and refreshing Grapefruit to sweet fix Vanilla, they gave me back my sparkle, once again.

The 16oz cans of deliciousness are currently sold exclusively at Whole Foods, but with more than 250 Whole Foods nationwide, there’s probably one near you – should your afternoon call for a bit of organic sparkle.

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