Um, How Has No One Used Book of Mormon to Make a Pro-Obama PSA?

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Let me preface this by saying this is in no way a slight to Mormons and this idea is even independent of how I feel as a voter, but strictly from a creative standpoint I question…How has no one parodied parts of Book of Mormon for a pro-Obama PSA?! I know it’s not because we’re all just too PC and afraid to be controversial for the sake of making a point, or entertainment.

Book of mormon logoImmediately after watching one of the presidential debates was when I happened to finally have tickets to see Book of Mormon.

Maybe it’s because the presidential election and candidates were so fresh in my mind, but…Starting with the number “Turn it Off,” I couldn’t turn off the idea that someone should definitely use pieces of the play for a pro-Obama PSA – and couldn’t believe no one had already. “Saturday Night Live” – this one is packaged in a pretty parcel nearly with a bow for you!

I asked a friend or two if they would like to scrap together a quick video over the weekend, but we lacked the time and resources. But, here’s just a couple of things that it could’ve included:

This is a video rendition of the very catchy number “Turn It Off”

With the background of lyrics:

You say you got a problem,
well that’s no problem,
It’s super easy not to feel that way!

When you start to get confused because of thoughts in your head,
Don’t feel those feelings!
Hold them in instead

Turn it off, like a light switch
just go click!
It\’s a cool little Mormon trick!
We do it all the time
When your feeling certain feels that just don\’t feel right
Treat those pesky feelings like a reading light
and turn em off,
Like a light switch just go bap!
Really what’s so hard about that?
Turn it off! (Turn it off!)

I imagined flashing signs like:

“Economy” (then “Turn it off…)

“Iraq” (then “Turn it off…)

“Healthcare” (then “Turn it off…)


You get the idea.

At one point during the play when one of the Elders was having a hell dream, a recurrent theme in the play,  life-size Starbucks cups trot across the stage and it was only then I learned that caffeine was forbidden in the Mormon religion. This brought to mind last election year’s PSA of Hilary Clinton asking who you’d want by the red phone should it ring in the middle of the night.

My spoof would have ended with Mitt Romney sleeping on the phone.

Again people, this is for entertainment only.

On the only serious note of this post, I do hope everyone makes sure they’re informed on the real issues and where each candidate stands on those issues and goes to the polls and votes on election day.

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